Services and Therapists

All of our Pismo Beach Massage Therapists are Licensed California State Certified Massage Therapists with extensive training in a variety of styles.  Each massage is personalized using a combination of therapeutic techniques.  To learn more about each therapist’s specialties, please read below.

Debbie Bowers: Master Therapist

Specialties:  Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage, Neck and Scalp intensive therapy and Scenar Therapy.  Owner of the Massage Program since 1998 here at the Pismo Beach Athletic Club, she has over 37 years of experience with 10 years at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, Private Practice and as Deep Tissue Therapist for three State Board Examiners of Chiropractic. Due to a severe shoulder injury which kept her out most of 2016, bringing her son in as partner she is coming back part time only and focusing on Therapy, referring the deep tissue work to Jeff and Emily.

Jeff Bowers: Therapist

Known as the Body Mechanic, Jeff specializes in Deep tissue therapy, Swedish massage, Sports massage and Oriental Cupping.  Jeff is a favorite with Cross Fit Athletes and clients with post surgical issues and autoimmune diseases.   He graduated from California Holistic Institute in August 2010,  and has trained with Debbie Bowers in Deep Tissue since 2009, becoming her partner at SLO Massage Therapy in 2016..

Emily Murphy: Therapist

Specializing in Swedish and Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Prenatal Massage, Emily graduated from Carrington College out of Portland, Oregon with more than 700 hours formal training and internship at Tresor Day Spa.  After a chance meeting with Debbie, Emily is the perfect fit to our team here at the Pismo Beach Athletic Club.

Maureen Curran: Therapist

Giving the most excellent Swedish Massage, which she specializes in, Maureen is out on leave helping with a family member’s health issues, and we welcome her back soon.


All of our therapists bring unique style and energy to their massage therapy treatments, always providing a high level of professional services.  We welcome referrals from physicians and other health professionals that believe massage therapy would benefit their patients.

Please inform your therapist about the areas of your body which are injured or sore, and any important medical conditions they should be aware of.